About the Author

My name is Jordan Paul White and I'm happy to say I'm a Chattanooga climber. I've only been around the Chattannoga scene for going on three years now, but from the moment I moved from the rock-face-less Franklin, TN I knew I belonged in Chatt town. As far as career goes, I'm the rock wall manager and a trip leader for UTC Outdoors over at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I'm also the former president of Chattanooga's sickest climbing team (Chattnasy, holla!). I've been rock climbing for four years now. I mainly prefer bouldering and sport climbing, but hope to get into the big boy stuff of trad and mountaineering as soon as I can afford the gear. I'm not strong enough to be a sponsored climber, but I am friends with some. I guess the reason I decided to embark on this whole endeavor is that my background is in teaching people how to climb. It's what I do almost every day at work and every summer at camp so I feel like I'm getting to be ok at it. If you want to shoot me an email, feel free!

Email: jordanpwhite@gmail.com

photo credit: Drew Meyer