Chatt Town Climbing Vids

So you wanna climb rocks in Chattanooga, but don't know what routes to climb? Well then I've got the beta! Here are some videos of the sickest, most rad climbs in and around Chattanooga, TN.

Heart of Stone- This is a climbing video all about the development of the SCC (Southeastern Climbers' Coalition), and rock climbing in the south. This is a must see for anyone who's climbed in the south. It's kind of long with lots of interviews, but there's also some really great shots of rock climbing. 

3 Star Climbs at LRC

The Wave- One of the coolest features at the fort. It's a giant wave like sloped edge which has probably been climbed more than anything out there. Here's a pretty rare snow video of climbing in Chatt town.

Tennessee Thong & Shotgun
Two classic climbs at LRC. V7 and v6 respectively, they're both tricky for first timers and seasoned vets alike.

Advanced Circuit- Local strong men Jimmy Webb and Brion Voges take their talents to LRC to show us mere mortals how to rock climb. These guys are great local legends who are more than willing to share their experiences with noobs and pros alike. Feel free to check out their respective blogs for more great videos and pictures.


This video is a great compilation of a couple classic LRC problems made by the guys who put on the Triple Crown. Gotta love videos of this quality.

Satellite Areas

more to come soon...