Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Public Service Announcement: Be Careful at Stone Fort (Little Rock City)!

Hey guys, so I don't necessary like posting stuff like this, but I also know how important it is. According to the Stone Fort facebook page, some climbers have been breaking rules at the boulder field. That's a really really really bad thing. Here's part of the status in question which was posted on December 29th of last year (a few weeks ago):

Attention Climbers... We need to address a few things before they get out of hand. Night climbing is NOT allowed. Camping is NOT allowed. All climbers must leave bouldering field upon nightfall. Bringing alcoholic beverages is NOT allowed. Glass containers are NOT allowed. No pets aloowed. Please follow the rules so everyone can enjoy Stone Fort Bouldering. Rules are posted onsite & the S.E.Climbers website.

While I understand how tempting it can be to want to climb at Stone Fort after dark or climb boulders which are closed off (aka on the course), it's super imperative that we all follow all the rules so that Stone Fort stays open for years to come. The SEC has worked really hard to ensure that we have access to one of the best boulder fields in the south year round, and it would really suck to see that ruined by some climbers who couldn't wait until the next morning to start work on their project.

As climbers, we kind of thrive on the notion of being misunderstood. Climbing is our thing and we like that most people don't fully understand/fit in to our culture. Well it's one thing to be a fun loving dirtbagger who lives out of his/her van traveling across the country, but a completely different thing to be a disrespectful climber who ignores local regulations for the sake of climbing a rock (think about it).

I've never been to Hound Ears because it's only open 1 day a year. Imagine if Stone Fort followed the same pattern.

Stone Fort is not a climbing gym. You shouldn't take your boom boxes, bring your cooler, or camp out over night. I'm urging all of us to please pay close attention to the local protocols and please don't let Chattanooga rock climbers become a group synonymous with rule breaking and negligence.

I'm stepping off my high horse and asking you (the community) what you think. What should we do about this issue?

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