Monday, January 30, 2012

Rocktown (is awesome)!

After living in Chattanooga for going on 3 years, it's kind of ridiculous that I'm just now realizing my fondness for rocktown. I've always been a Little Rock City (Stone Fort) Junkie, because... well let's face it, I'll never run out of problems to climb there. But with the popularity of Saturdays at LRC starting to resemble that of six flags over Georgia, my friends and I have started to look other places for boulders. Apart from the places I don't have permission to mention, I'm starting to think that rocktown has some of the best (relatively) local climbing that chatty has to offer. With LRC, HP40, and rocktown all within a couple hours drive, it's no wonder climbers in this city refuse to rope up!

On Saturday, Elliott and I went out there to spend a day working stuff we'd never given time to. First we hopped on a surprisingly not crowded Orb. Then we projected the hell out of it and didn't find ourselves moving on until about 2 or 3 hours of effort. I have to say that's one of my favorite rock climbs of all time. The quality is so good, the holds are so friendly, and the style is just so unique. The Orb is one of those unique problems that I think I could climb on all day and not get tired of. We eventually headed to the back to work Inspired by an Idiot and Helicopter, which were both super fun climbs as well.

But the highlight of the trip had to have been the burgers and chocolate milk we ate at Jed's on our return journey. Strange drugs, politically incorrect bumper stickers, and crack pipes aside, that place sure does have great burgers. What are you psyched on right now?

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  1. Rocktown is great and I completely agree about Jed's!

    If you do decide to rope up Lost Wall is a great place with tons of climbs! Pigeon Mountain is one of my favorite places in this area!